Wellspring Counseling Expands Trauma-Resolution Program for Youth

Bounce! Therapeutic Program focuses on children who have experienced a serious traumatic event in their lives

MIAMI (July 20, 2017)Wellspring Counseling has expanded its successful Bounce! Therapeutic Program, opening a second one-week intensive session that allows for an additional number of children to ‘bounce back’ from traumatic events in their lives. The second camp is now scheduled for July 24-28.

The Bounce! Therapeutic Program is a one-week therapeutic program offered in the summer, designed to resolve traumas for youth who have experienced events such as the death of a loved one, child trafficking, abuse, experiencing violence, and other major traumatic events that would lead to life-long emotional handicaps.

“This is a very big step for us, but our success rate in prior years has been nothing short of compelling,” says Tova Kreps, LCSW, President of Wellspring.  “One week of intensive therapy, along with the ancillary services we provide these children could easily cost $20,000 for the week in a more conventional setting.  Our professional staff volunteering a portion of its time, along with other subsidies and funding has allowed us to stretch and provide a second week.”

Using evidence-based curriculum and its own trauma education content, the Bounce! program helps children deal with what is often un-processed trauma. The goal of Bounce! is to promote Post-Traumatic Growth instead of Post-Traumatic Stress, allowing traumatized youth to experience themselves as safe and empowered, resilient individuals.

“Diagnosing and treating a trauma episode in a child is crucial to not only their long-term mental health, but their ability to function as a meaningful adult in the future,” adds Kreps. “It is our belief that even a moderate trauma episode in a child’s life, left untreated, can lead to long-term negative emotional ramifications throughout their entire life. We want to help bring healing through a proven, successful protocol.”

Children ages 10-17 are referred into Bounce! by local agencies serving at-risk youth, local therapists or parents. They are carefully screened for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) prior to entering the program. PTSD is curable if it is attended to with specialized treatment. Untreated, however, PTSD symptoms can lead to complications in children of depression, poor school performance, social and emotions handicaps, and at-risk behaviors, all of which can permanently affect the child's future potential, and ultimately emotionally handicap a child for life.

Pre and post assessments for prior years of Bounce reveal a 25%-37% reduction in PTSD Symptoms for participating youth.

Staffed by therapists from Wellspring and volunteers, Bounce! includes trauma education, group and individual therapy, equine and art therapy, and parent participation in the context of a fun, experiential camp environment.  

“What this staff does for these children is nothing short of miraculous,” adds Dr. Leigh Byers, Wellspring’s Executive Director.  “The empirical proof of success has encouraged us to expand the summer program, and as importantly, seek additional funding to drive Bounce! as a year-round program.  The vast majority of these children come from very under-served areas, over 90% from free-breakfast and lunch school communities. There is no chance they would ever have the opportunity to benefit from such a program without outside financial support.”

For additional information on Bounce!, or to donate to this life-altering program, visit

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Wellspring Counseling Receives Lighthouse Project Award from BB&T

As a Lighthouse Project recipient, Wellspring updates offices in three of its locations

MIAMI (June 22, 2017) – A calm, welcoming, serene environment is essential for therapeutic success, and this week, Wellspring received an upgrade through a corporate grant. On Tuesday, June 21st, BB&T bank employees and Wellspring staff rolled up their sleeves to beautify and update the décor of three of its four locations.

After an application process, Wellspring Counseling was awarded over $5,000 for new furniture, signage and decorations and an incalculable amount in goodwill from volunteers.

Volunteers descended on Wellspring offices in Palmetto Bay, Coral Gables and Kendall and immediately took to painting, deep cleaning, assembling furniture and hanging brand new signage in the lobbies. Groups led by a team leader cheerfully and humbly got on hands and knees to clean and paint.

"At Wellspring we are very grateful for BB&T and The Lighthouse Project for making our offices a welcoming, cohesive environment for our clients. A visually pleasing reception environment is one way to communicate how much we care to our clients. Our mission is healing hearts and minds, and that begins with helping people feel at ease. We've had over 700 clients walk through our offices this year.  We hope these refreshed spaces show them we care about their comfort as they seek healing." Said Leigh Byers, Wellspring Counseling Executive Director.

As part of their corporate responsibility initiative, the BB&T Lighthouse Project provides financial support to charities, while employees volunteer their time to work landscaping, painting, preparing meals and any fill other needs the charity requests. Since the Lighthouse Project began in 2009, BB&T has contributed more than 475,000 volunteer hours and improved the quality of life for more than 13 million people.

Published in Miami's Community Newspapers.