Christian Living

Thoughts on Doing the Next Right Thing - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. An article with practical biblical insights on how to make the right choice in the midst of a difficult decision-making process.


Seeing from your partner's eyes - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President.  An article about the healing power of empathy in a relationship.

Faithful and True - from Mark Laaser's ministry, offers helpful guidelines for couples that have experienced sexual or emotional betrayal in their relationship.

Full Disclosure - Written by Mark Laaser, Ph.D. and Debbie Laaser, MA, LAMFT. A downloadable PDF article that provides couples who have faced sexual and/or emotional betrayal, with an introduction to the disclosure process. 

Counseling & Mental Health

Is change possible? - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. An article about the need for a holistic approach for real change.

Mental Health Facts in America - An info graphic from the National Alliance of Mental Illness on the prevalence of mental illness. Call us at 786.573.7010 to get help. 

Sexual Addiction - An article by Lindsey Steffen, LMHC, on the ramifications of sexual addition, and how to get help. 

Depression- Beck's Depression Inventory

Family Resources Assessment- This assessment is a tool used to help a person notice when and how his/her family spends emotional and physical resources within a family system.

Domestic Violence

Power is a Good Thing - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. An article about our ability to use our power to change the world around us. 


What you need to know - Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. Frequently asked questions about EMDR. Answers taken from the International Association of EMDR.

Emotional Health

Yes, you have feelings: Giving yourself permission to feel them. - by Heather Walton, RMHC, RMFT. An article about the importance of learning how to identify our feelings appropriately. 

Grief and Loss

Churches Struggle to Help Suicide Survivors Come to Terms with Tragedy - by Nicole Kalil.  An article about how churches deal with helping their members find emotional well-being.


Forgiveness...for the Healthy Spirit and Mind - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. An article about forgiveness as a gift we can give to ourselves. 


Healthy Habit Resource List - A handout with a variety of healthy habit resources by topic.

Radio programs:

  • Living Well on Purpose - Tova Kreps, LCSW, Radio show, Dec. 30, 2017. Discussion of how living well doesn't happen by chance, but need intentional goal-setting and planning. 
  • Habits and the Brain - Tova Kreps, LCSW,  Radio show, Jan. 6, 2018. Discussion of how our ability to follow through with New Year's resolutions depends partly on the way our brains work. Listen in to the science behind HABITS.
  • Healthy Habits of Nutrition - Tova Kreps, LCSW,  and therapist  Lindsey Steffan, LMHC, Radio show, Jan. 13, 2018. A discussion of the habits of healthy eating for fuel and nutrition versus eating for emotions or other reasons.
  • Habits and Fitness -  Tova Kreps, LCSW, & Adam Robbins, owner of DNA Fitness, Radio show, Jan. 20, 2018. 
  • Habits and Spiritual Disciplines - Tova Kreps, LCSW, & therapist Erik Williams, Registered Mental Health Counselor, Radio show, Jan. 27, 2018. 
  • Habits of the Mind and Heart - Tova Kreps, LCSW, Radio show, Feb. 3, 2018. Discussion of mental and emotional habits, how they get formed and how to create new ones.

Irrational Beliefs - Tova Kreps, LCSW. A resource for mental habits. This handout to help discern negative self-talk and beliefs in order to rewrite them into positive affirmations.

Verses for Prayer - compiled by Tim Kerr. A resource for improving spiritual habits. A manual with scriptures and promises to be used with prayer.

Who I am in Christ - by Neil Anderson. A resource for positive mental habits. A list of scriptures that describe who we are according to what God says.

Affirmations Workbook - by Sarah Starrs. A simple guide to writing affirmations.


"Happy Holidays" is a Choice! - Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. An article with practical steps on how to experience more happiness during the holidays.

Coping with Grief During the Holiday Season - by Wellspring therapist Vicki Gray, LCSW. An article with practical suggestions how to cope with a loss during the holiday season. 

Holidays and Loss - Radio Talk 1080 AM, "Coffee Talk" with Debbie Peterson. 

Marriage & Family 

Kindness: the Secret Ingredient for a Happy Marriage - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & Wellspring President. This article explores how to we can make intentional choices to develop our "kindness" muscle. 

Who Gets the Most- Who gets the most emotional and physical resources in your family system? Tova Kreps, LCSW, discusses healthy changes and adjustments in the family relationships dynamics  in order that all members in the system have their needs met. 


A Mother's Present of Presence - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & President. An article that explores the art of balancing our mother's love for our children while allowing them to negotiate the world, without hurting.

When Bad Things Happen: how to help your child handle painful life events - by Tova Kreps, LCSW & President. This handout provides practical tools on how to help your child overcome painful events. 

Children and Bullying - A handout to help parents understand the signs of a child being bullied, and practical tools on how to prevent and avoid bullying. 


Turning Obstacles into Opportunities - by Heather Walton, RMHC. An Article that explores how to recover from adversity while developing resiliency. 

The Road to Resilience - An article published by the American Psychological Association (APA) to help readers with taking their own road to resilience. 

Resilience training - Tips provided by the Mayo Clinic to improve your resilience.

What is Resilience? - by the American Psychological Association (APA). An article that explains the process of resilience and the factors that contribute to it. 

Eight Strategies for Building Resilience. - by Nick Morrison.


Information regarding Trauma

Information regarding EMDR, a specialized trauma treatment

Stress and Anxiety

You CAN Relax! Overcoming Stress and Anxiety - by Kaara Kiddoe, Registered Social Work Intern. In this article, Kaara offers practical techniques for treating anxiety that have proven to alleviate the suffering that comes with it. 

Stress Awareness Month- by Lindsey Steffen, LMHC. An article about the importance of self-care to manage stress

Suicide Prevention

Clinician's Thoughts on Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" - by Yasamin Nosrati-Shamloo, RMHC. An article that explores the premise behind the Neflix show, and brings awareness to suicide prevention.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts, get help! Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit Suicide Prevention Life Line  

Learn more about the signs and resources:  Suicide Prevention Lifeline 
Tel: 1-800-273-8255 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):  Suicide Prevention