About Wellspring Counseling


Restoring Hearts and Minds...


Wellspring is a non-profit counseling center and outreach ministry that provides mental health services and education in a professional, Christian and holistic way in order to bring about transforming change in individuals, communities and for generations to come.


Provide full-service counseling by professional, licensed, skilled counselors to the greater Miami community and beyond.

Provide training and education in the realms of counseling and mental health to therapy groups, churches, schools, community gatherings, conferences or retreats, and to counselors in training.

Trauma Expertise:
Provide specialized trauma counseling, to train others regarding trauma, and to encourage others to use skilled trauma techniques in the emotional healing process. We believe that the healing of negative and traumatic life experiences through skilled trauma work is foundational to the goals of our mission statement.

Counseling Availability:
As funds are available, to provide greater access to counseling through a Financial Aid Fund to reduce counseling fees for clients in need.

Support for Ministry and Christian Workers:
Provide counseling and training to full-time Christian workers at the Wellspring Counseling offices and on location in their places of service.

Outreach Programs:
As funds are available, to provide outreach counseling and education programs.


Wellspring Counseling is a non-denominational Christian counseling service. Each of our staff members have a personal Christian faith, but we do not impose this on our clients. We exist to serve persons from any background or persuasion, religious or secular. Our approach to therapy, however, will be based upon an understanding of the nature, needs and purpose of human beings which is grounded in biblical revelation. We will also seek to integrate the best contributions of the psychological sciences to provide the highest quality care to our clients.