Online Therapy


Who would benefit from online therapy?

  • Current clients who normally come in for sessions but are out of town for school or work, such as college students.

  • "Techy" people who prefer to communicate through the cyber-world.

  • Out of town people who would like to be Wellspring clients.

  • Anyone living in Miami who can't bear fighting traffic to get to an appointment.


How does it work?

  • Wellspring uses VSee as its host for online therapy. This is the world's largest telemedical platform. You will need to download the program to use it, but it is free and easy to do so.Click here to download.

  • VSee is HIPAA compliant for your privacy.

  • The program provides video screen sharing so you can see your therapist. It also allows for sharing desktops so that you and your therapist can show each other any documents that you place on your desktop and then choose to share.

  • Your appointment will be like any other appointment. The therapist will reserve your time slot just for you and will be sitting in one of our Wellspring offices during your session, just as if you were coming in person.


Steps to an appointment:

  • Call the office to schedule your first appointment. 786-573-7010. You can also ask for us to call you by sending us an appointment request below. Either way, the first step is to speak in person with someone in our front office. He/she will help you determine the best therapist for your therapeutic needs and schedule, and will also discuss financial arrangements such as insurance. Together, you will schedule your first appointment and you will receive the email address and VSee address of your new therapist.

  • Download the VSee program by clicking here.

  • Download your Intake Form, Part A, scan it and send it to your new therapist by email. He/she will confirm receiving it and place it in your file in our office.

  • Prior to your session, pay for the session on our website (click here) and email the receipt of payment confirmation to your therapist as well.

  • Sign in to VSee at the appointment time and when you see that your therapist is also signed in, you can contact him/her.

  • Begin your process of healing.