Thanks For Impacting Miami's Mental Health

Summer is here. We’re midway through 2019 but we wanted to stop and celebrate how God is moving through Miami. Celebrate with us what God is doing among us.


In 2018, the Miami Foundation Grant awarded Wellspring with $10,000 for extended services for youth who participated in BOUNCE! Trauma Resolution Program. BOUNCE! is funded through donors and a grant from Miami-Dade County. We have now used all of these funds and were able to provide 20 BOUNCE! participants with an average of 9 follow up therapy sessions. Seventy-five percent of youths who have been assessed and received follow up experienced significant reduction in PTSD symptoms. It would be great if Wellspring could apply for these same funds again, but The Miami Foundation Community Grant only provides fund for developing new community programs.  We hope you consider helping us. With your support we can continue providing high quality trauma and PTSD treatment and services to adolescents of Miami-Dade County.


The first half of 2019 for Wellspring has been full of positive change. Thanks to funds received from Give Miami Day and other sources. We have successfully implemented a new medical records system that is configured to expand client and location capacity to meet our goal of having enough therapists and locations to be within 30 minutes of anyone in Miami-Dade County. As well, this system has elevated our ability to provide the best quality care to our clients. We can provide digital assessments for better screening and treatment plans, improved communication, and administrative efficiency.


Likewise, Wellspring has conducted four Science and Art of Marriage conferences throughout churches in Miami-Dade, reaching 150 couples, providing Biblical and scientific insight to help strengthen and restore marriages.


Through community grants, Wellspring has been able to help residents in Homestead and Coral Gables to receive discounted services. We experience a high demand for financial aid and being able to offset these expenses has been helpful, but we still need help to be able to continue providing help to clients otherwise unable to pay for services.

You may want to ask, with all of these other funding resources coming through, why does Wellspring need my help? Ultimately, we forego revenue to serve. In every community grant Wellspring writes, we have to show what contribution we are making to the overall program funded by the foundation.  Funding only the cost of the therapist by the grant means Wellspring receives less revenue for maintaining vital support staff, supplies, office spaces, printing, etc.  Even our mental health education events require an investment of time that can often pull clinicians away from services that generate revenue for other needs of the organization.

2019 has been a great year, and God has allowed us to restore families, re-center marriages, helping clients relate to their issues, ultimately revitalizing them individually. Help us continue this work on by donating to Wellspring Counseling. For more information, or to donate, check out

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