Falon's Story

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Last summer, Falon came into our BOUNCE! Youth Trauma Resolution Program angry and hurting. Months before, she had witnessed the tragic death of a close family member due to gun violence.   Her home no longer felt safe. The flashbacks of that day haunted her, the hope of feeling better seemed impossible. Falon pushed through and attended a week at BOUNCE!.  She then went on to receive follow up therapy services made possible by a community grant, the first in her family to ever receive counseling.

Over time, the fearful nightmares turned into new dreams. The memories of not being safe turned into new thoughts—her hopelessness turned into hope. Falon’s life had been hijacked by PTSD and through follow up therapy sessions at Wellspring she gained resilience and confidence to move forward.

Today, Falon is thriving and preparing to enter a top Florida University. She plans to become a community advocate to help others who have been hurt by community violence. “I’m no longer a victim, I’m a survivor… and I want other people to know they can heal too.”

(Click below to hear Falon’s story on Wellspring on the Air’s podcast)