Training and Presentations


Training and presentations offered by the Wellspring Counseling Staff are provided as an outreach to the Miami community.

Each topic listed below can be adjusted in time and content in order to fit the needs of your organization. Additional topics may be available upon request, according to the expertise of the counselors. Most talks include power-point presentations and hand-outs (copies made by the organization), and are held at a mutually agreeable location.  Sometimes, the fee for these services is free or donation only. Fees will be arranged on a per case basis depending on the need, the organization’s ability to pay and the availability of our staff for non-fee work.


Ministry Workers

Ministering to those in Ministry
Often Christian workers have nowhere to go when they are in pain.  Pastors, missionaries and their families may suffer silently and with little support.  This talk is for those interested in caring for this population.

Understanding the Culture of Miami
Helping Christian workers new to Miami understand the culture and how to best minister to the diverse population of the city.

Mediation Services for Church Communities
Often times it can be helpful for someone outside the immediate body to mediate; Wellspring offers services for church communities to mediate in situations where the need arises.


Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss: Letting Go Even When it’s Difficult
This talk gives a general overview of different types of losses experienced throughout life.  The emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual impact of grief is covered as well as how to move forward in the process. 

When God’s Children Cry: Understanding Suffering
This presentation considers reasons why we suffer and how to respond.  Benefits of suffering, as well as how to help others, are included.

How To Move From Suffering to Hope
Every Christian at some point in their life will encounter some suffering. The key question is: "how do we move from suffering to hope?" This talk gives some practical ways according to biblical principles on how to do that.

Helping Grieving Children
Children grieve differently than adults. This talk will offer insight for adults in understanding some of these differences and how to best help children work through losses in their lives.

Grief Loss and Recovery
A one-time seminar, or up to six weeks of small group, interaction and processing of the pain of loss and grief.



Trauma Overview
The causes, effects and remedies of emotional damage caused by trauma or painful life experiences will be presented. This talk is designed to be used as a preventive training for staff to recognize and respond to trauma in people or children to whom they minister.

Counseling Others Following a Natural Disaster
A lay person’s challenge to be prepared spiritually, and emotionally in a world full of the unexpected.

Trauma Response Support
The Wellspring Counselors have specialized training in responding to a specific trauma in an organization and especially with children. They will use the tools and guidelines of the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC).  These services are available for organizations who have experienced a trauma or who have a group of people to whom they minister who have experienced a trauma together. 



How Can I Feel Better
Encouragement and support for those suffering from mild depression. A practical talk filled with ways we can recharge our empty tanks, including suggestion on how to view and manage different kinds of depression.


Identity of Christ

Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes
This talk explores some of the reasons why Christians may not fully embrace their identity in Christ, including how past trauma or childhood experiences may have contributed to a distorted view of God.  Practical suggestions to facilitate healing are incorporated.



Change the Focus

People often get married for a variety of reasons but when expectations don’t line up with the marriage, things can turn sour. This talk focuses on misconceptions of marriage and how focusing on the One who created marriage in the first place leads to a Christ-centered marriage.

Loving the Stranger

This talk focuses on the journey of change that happens in a marriage and equips us to handle it. As we grow in our relationship with each other and God, we often become a different person than the one our spouse met years ago. How do we handle these changes in a God-honoring way.

Embracing the Other or "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus"

Often we go into marriage without an understanding of the differences between men and women. This talk focuses on helping spouses to understand the different roles and personalities that God has within himself and that he has given to each of the genders and how to accept and celebrate these differences in marriage.

Towards Oneness

This talk focuses on how to move from our cultures' celebration of individual freedom to a balanced view of oneness. Questions such as, “What is the purpose of marriage?”, “What does it mean to have a great marriage?”, “What does a great marriage look like?”, “What are some of the promises and insights of marriage?” and “What does it mean to “leave and cleave?", will be addressed.



Parenting for Preschoolers
Often parents of preschoolers are overwhelmed with many questions such as what kind of discipline is best; what kind of preschool, if any, should my child attend?; how do I talk to my child about God? This talk is designed to help you parent your child and give you tools that will help you through all the stages of their life and answer some of the questions that can be overwhelming in this time.

Bullying is real part of many kids’ experiences growing up. This talk will help teach awareness of bullying, identifying the bully and the victim, as well as how to help prevent bullying and some coping skills with those who have been bullied.

How to Help, Not Rescue Your Child
This talk helps parents recognize the dynamic of over-helping their children. It will teach parents how to develop strong children by differentiating between providing real help for children when needed versus rescuing and enabling children in ways that foster negative thoughts and behaviors.

When Bad Things Happen
This talk prepares parents to properly handle situations of disappointment, loss, failure or trauma with their children. It will cover the emotional dynamics of loss and trauma in children and will give practical advice for parents to handle specific scenarios.

Sexual Abuse Prevention
This talk is intended for parents of children aged 1-15. It is an overview of how to protect your children from sexual abuse. It includes defining and understanding the types of abuse, the dynamics of abuse, children’s reactions to abuse, and treatment options. The talk will prepare parents to prevent, recognize or respond to an abuse situation with their children.

The Impact of Divorce on Children
This talk will provide information and preparation for adults to help children who are experiencing divorce in their families.  Developmental stages will be discussed and practical suggestions given to aid in the healing process.

How Do I Love My Teenager
A warm presentation that addresses the frustrations parenting a teenager raises, and ways to love them despite the challenges they can provide.



Restoring Broken Relationships
This series covers the dynamics of relationships that have been injured and how to restore them to wholeness. The Biblical and psychological aspects of repentance, forgiveness, and starting over again will be presented.

Understanding and Healing from Abusive Relationships
Different types of abuse are discussed in this talk and practical suggestions offered to help those who are in these relationships.  Reasons why people abuse, why people stay and how the church can respond are also included. 

The Importance of Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a topic often misunderstood.  This talk will cover what forgiveness is and is not, how to move toward it and the process that is involved when one has been deeply hurt. 

Cross-Cultural Adjustment
South Florida is home to many people from a wide diversity of backgrounds.  This presentation discusses the impact of moving from one country to another and how the Christian community can respond to those in our midst who are experiencing life-changing transitions.

Understanding & Creating Healthy Boundaries in Family Relationships
This is a 2-part talk. The first part will provide information on understanding and identifying unhealthy boundary relationships in families. The second part will instruct how to create new healthy boundaries for successful family relationships.



The Healing Art of Listening
This inspirational talk encourages the audience to develop the powerful healing art of listening to others in order to effect profound changes in the people around us. It covers both Biblical directives to listen to, as well as practical applications in the skills of listening.

Getting Along
This series covers the basic skills of healthy communication. It covers listening skills, communication blocks, communication skills, fighting fair, the dynamics of balanced relationships and Biblical principles for healthy relating.



Where Did Jesus Go
A creative message targeting women, young and old, challenging them to keep the holidays HOLY. This talk also offers stress-reducing tips, ideas for children, gift-giving and decorating.



The Wounded Heart Group

The focus of this group is to help and empower sexual abuse survivors find healing and peace using The Wounded Heart Curriculum written by Dr. Dan Allender. This group is for adult female survivors of childhood sexual abuse who have done some individual counseling and would like to further their healing process in a safe and supportive group setting.

Trauma Recovery

This group is an eight-week intervention for children who have been exposed to a traumatic event who are exhibiting post-traumatic symptoms (4-6 weeks following the event or later). This program uses an evidence-based trauma program by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC) and includes parent participation at the beginning and end of the program.

Trauma Debriefing

This group is for youth or adults following a disturbing or traumatic event. This group allows for members to process the event on both an individual and a group level.

Taking Care of Your Marriage

This group is for wives with topics include but are not limited to Expressing Love, Opening Hearts, Communication, Safe-Haven Marriage, Expectations, Division of Labor, How to Fight Fair and Differences Between Men and Women.

The Joys and Challenges of Parenting Young Children

Topics include but are not limited to Reality Discipline, Shepherding Your Child’s Heart, Tantrums, Understanding Misbehavior, Bedtime Battles, Sibling Rivalry, Defiance, Fears, Activity Level, Separation Anxiety, Prayer, Whining, and much more! 

Women in Ministry Support Group

This group is for women who are either in ministry or have a spouse in ministry. Topics include but are not limited to Dealing with Difficult People, Boundaries in Ministry, Keeping Your Marriage Strong and Developing a Healthy Support System.